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How much?

You’re probably thinking that to get this kind of coaching you have to make a huge investment. Thousands of dollars even. The truth is, what I’m sharing in Raising to Win is worth $10,000, simply because there isn’t any other program out there that will show you exactly how to raise all the campaign dollars you need to win.

You could hire a professional fundraiser at a cost of several thousand dollars per month. Or you could buy a plane ticket to Washington D.C. and stay in a hotel for several days, just to come home and have no on-going support.

Or perhaps you want to trust your campaign fundraising to a volunteer and pay nothing, but would you trust your future to a volunteer financial planner or volunteer attorney?

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The only online campaign school for fundraising.

Only Raising to Win can guarantee the best results at the fraction of the cost of hiring a professional fundraiser. Here’s what else makes it essential if you want to win:

  • Convenient to use—access from your personal computer, day or night
  • Up-to-date tips and strategies—so you’re on the cutting edge with email and online fundraising
  • Dozens of fundraising samples and templates that you can copy and download
  • Protects you from costly mistakes or embarrassing situations that could land you in big trouble or saddle you with huge fines

My 100%, money back guarantee!

I am so confident that Raising to Win is the key to your fundraising success, that I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use the techniques in this program, you will see results. If within the first 60-days you do not see results, I’ll refund the entire cost of the program to you.

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