How It Works

How it works

Are you ready to raise money and win?!

Whether you’re running for school board, U.S. Congress or something in between, it takes money to win. Lots of money.

You could hire a personal fundraiser with years of experience, but they cost thousands of dollars each month. Or you could buy an airline ticket and stay in a hotel while going through a course in Washington D.C., but that also costs thousands of dollars.

If you wanted to do it cheap, perhaps you could try do it all by yourself and figure things out from scratch or use a volunteer. But who’s going to protect you from costly or embarrassing mistakes? And where are you going to learn up-to-date tips and strategies?

Fortunately, there’s another option: Raising to Win. The only online campaign school for fundraising.

In seven lessons, which you can access from your personal computer at your convenience, you’ll learn:

  • How to write, package and present your fundraising letter for MAXIMUM results. See direct mail package example
  • 3 bootstrap methods that will bring in donations FAST and won’t cost you one nickel!
  • The 5 BEST list builder strategies—that work no matter how big or small your supporter list is
  • An event strategy to simplify logistics & increase attendance for EVERY fundraising event your team hosts. See event checklist example and invitation set example
  • Instant appointment makers—this brings in the most donor appointments guaranteed to result in MORE campaign dollars than any other technique.
  • A simple method for tracking your fundraising success, donor sources, and boosting your chances of getting REPEAT contributions. See pledge reminder example
  • Whether you need to raise $10 thousand or $10 million, this is the program for you.

Here’s how it works…

Once you register, you’ll get a username and password and each day for the next seven days, you’ll have access to a new lesson. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 7 audio lessons with step-by-step instructions and comprehensive examples, including donor call logs, event checklists and more.
  • Downloadable templates for writing your own fundraising letter, sending effective emails and crafting the most compelling phone points.
  • Sample timelines, planning calendars, thank you cards, invitations, reply cards and much, much more!
  • Access to all this information until the election is over!

If that weren’t enough, we’re offering 3 BONUSES.

Bonus #1

You’ll have access to live monthly conference calls, where you can personally ask Erika Roland your questions and hear what’s happening with other candidates’ fundraising across the country.

Bonus #2

You’ll have access to a private, online community with other conservative Republican candidates. This is a place to encourage, set goals, and share ideas and success stories.

Bonus #3

For the price of one, you can have two campaign workers also go through the Raising To Win program! We know it takes a knowledgeable team to win elections and with Raising to Win, you’ll have a team trained with the best fundraising knowledge that exists. That’s right: training for three at the price of one!

You’ll have everything you need to confidently ask anyone for any amount of money and GET IT! So, register today!