About Raising to Win: Online Campaign Fundraising School

Raising to Win: An online Republican campaign fundraising school

What if there was a simple way you could raise the funds you need to win your election?

Well now you can with Raising to Win. In seven lessons, you’ll learn the secret weapons to simply and quickly securing high-dollar donations and repeat contributions from people you would never dream of approaching. All you need to know are the proven Republican campaign fundraising techniques that well-financed politicians know—and that your liberal opponent doesn’t want you to find out!

Learn from Erika Roland herself as she walks you step-by-step through process of raising money. You’ll see dozens of fundraising examples that you can download and keep. You’ll also have templates for sending pledge reminders, build fundraising lists, and much more!

If that weren’t all, you’ll have access to live monthly conference calls and a private, online community for conservative Republican candidates just like you!

You’ll cover everything you know to protect you from costly or embarrassing mistakes and have the confidence you need to be successful at fundraising.

While campaign fundraising may never be easy, there’s an easier and simpler way—one that takes all the guesswork and mystery out of the process.

Each lesson is jam-packed with ideas, tips and examples. Here’s a small sample of what is covered:

Module 1: The Money Mindset

  • Three bootstrap methods that will bring in donations FAST and won’t cost you one nickel
  • The five big MYTHS of fundraising that waste money, increase effort, and keep candidates struggling to raise a buck
  • Where to find information about donors so you know how much money you should ask for

Modules 2 & 3: Money by Mail

  • WHEN to send letters to maximize gift frequency
  • The most important aspects of a fundraising letter and envelope
  • What to pay attention to so that you don’t break campaign finance laws and get HUGE FINES

Modules 4 & 5: Money by Event

  • How to find hosts and structure events that get people there AND raises money
  • What to put on an invitation and how much to “charge”
  • Follow up strategies after the event that turn attendees into donors and future hosts

Modules 6 & 7: Major Donor Dollars

  • Real-life stories of meetings with donors and ways you can turn a “no” into a “YES”
  • Proven ways to get appointments with big donors
  • How to follow up with donors who’ve PLEDGED but haven’t given

Bonus Module!

  • How to do a phone-a-thon that energizes VOLUNTEERS simplifies logistics

Don’t wait! Time is ticking until the next election. Every day you delay makes it easier for your liberal opponent to win. Start off right and start Raising to Win today!

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