• mike-benson-sm

    "Erika Roland is the only fundraiser I’ll ever work with. She shows me exactly how to be successful with every donor I approach."

    Mike Benson, Republican Legislator
  • andy-parrish-sm

    "Having Erika Roland on my team makes all the difference. We absolutely cannot win without her."

    Andy Parrish, Republican Campaign Consultant
  • jeanette-purcell-sm

    "Erika Roland knows all the secrets of the trade and she reveals them in Raising to Win. I highly recommend this program to candidates."

    Jeanette Purcell, Republican Fundraiser
  • Mary-Franson

    "As soon as session is over, I'm taking a week to really dig in.  I only took highlights of the program last year and my dollars increased immensely."

    Mary Franson, Republican Legislator
  • dan-severson

    "Erika Roland has a wealth of information--and she lays it out clearly in Raising to Win. Any serious candidate should buy her program immediately."

    Dan "Doc" Severson, former Republica Legislator & Candidate for statewide office
  • "I followed your instructions: wrote a letter to some supporters and received a $1,000 donation. I would not have gotten that if I did not take your course."

  • "Of all the campaign-related information I get, what Erika Roland shares is the most useful. I highly recommend her to all the good candidates I know who are running for office."

    King Banaian, former Republican legislator